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April Research Updates

Inspire Health Event Calendar April 1, 2011

Dear Reader,

In this issue, the prevalent themes are colorectal cancer and vitamin D because the majority of this month’s studies deal with one or the other of these issues in one way or another. For instance, Mezawa et al. found that patients with colorectal cancer had a better survival rate if they had a higher vitamin D level at surgery. Pendyala and associates found that weight loss in obese individuals can lower the risk of colorectal cancer, and Lagunova and colleagues found that low vitamin D status can explain at least 20% of the cancer risk attributable to obesity in general, and 75% of the risk of colorectal cancer more specifically. Murata and colleagues found a significant association between higher salted food intake and stomach and rectal cancer in men, and Aune et al. confirmed previous research that indicated that high folate intake decreases the risk of colorectal and esophageal cancer as well as some other cancers. In our study of the month Thompson et al. discovered that short duration of sleep significantly increases the risk of colorectal cancer.

As well, in our bonus abstracts Steinbrecher et al. discovered that selenium plays a role in prostate cancer development, and Borena and colleagues found evidence that serum triglycerides play a role in cancer development. Also, Hojat and associates found a strong relationship between physicians’ empathy and positive patient outcomes.