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What are ‘The Foundations of Health & Healing’?

Inspire Health Event Calendar July 8, 2011

In the rush to find a conventional or complementary medical ‘cure’ for their cancer, many people overlook the fundamental foundations of recovery, which are the essential aspects of healing, self-care and health. In order to optimize the positive results that you can obtain from conventional or complementary medical treatments, it is important to create strong foundations of health and healing.

All aspects of supporting mind, body, spirit and immune system (e.g., exercise, nutrition, stress reduction, etc.) are interrelated and each contributes to the benefit provided by the others in a synergistic way. By engaging in the many ways we can support mind, body and spirit, we create solid foundations for health and recovery and optimize our body’s healing potential. An optimal integrative cancer care program incorporates all of these important foundations, built one upon the other, foundation upon foundation, as illustrated in the following diagram ‘The Foundations of Health & Healing’.

Will To Live

Let’s explore each of these foundations, which work synergistically to support well-being and health, beginning with the most fundamental, the will to live. “In the midst of my darkness I found the sun within myself.” Albert Camus

Will to Live is the most fundamental of all the Foundations of Health and Healing. Without a Will to Live, recovery and treatments have little meaning. Will to Live is rarely an all or nothing phenomenon. For the majority of us, aspects of our life bring us joy (e.g., time spent with loved ones, hobbies we love, fulfilling work, etc.), enhancing our will to live, while other aspects of our life bring emotional pain and stress (e.g., unresolved emotional conflict, a dysfunctional relationship, stressful work, loneliness), lessening our joyful engagement in life and our will to live.

Enjoy Life Affirming Activities. During the recovery process it is of vital importance to spend as much time as possible doing the activities that make your life joyful and meaningful with people with whom you feel uplifted and as little time as possible doing stressful things or being with people with whom you feel drained and empty. Feeling connected with others, feeling fully engaged in life-affirming activities, and living in the joy of the moment all maximize our will to live and create a solid foundation for recovery.

Listen to Your Body. Learn to ‘listen’ to your body to get a ‘feel’ for experiences where you feel most alive and most fully engaged in life. Nurture these activities and relationships. Learn to pay attention to your body and ‘feel’ for situations that seem to drain your energy. Resolve conflicts causing these feelings or rid your life of these things. Life is too short to spend it doing things you dislike or with people who you find draining.

Design the life you’ve always wanted to live and begin living it!

Stay tuned for the next installment in our Foundation of Health & Healing series: Hope.

If you would like to explore these Foundations of Health & Healing more thoroughly with our InspireHealth physicians and Allied Professionals, consider attending our two-day signature LIFE Program!

In a comfortable setting, surrounded by like-minded individuals, you will have an opportunity to deepen your knowledge of these components, learn more about the latest scientific research in integrative care, ask your questions, experience first-hand some of these aspects, and delight in some delicious home-made food prepared just for you, right here at InspireHealth. The LIFE Program is a life-changing experience.

“The Program was so much more than I ever expected. All the way from the talk about nutrition and vitamins and making healthy life decisions, InspireHealth has taught me important lessons on how to live my life to its fullest.” LIFE Program participant Can I attend the LIFE Program even if I don’t have cancer?

YES! In every program, we have seats reserved for those of you who want to learn more about how you can help prevent cancer and how you can live your own life to the fullest. We have a few seats left for our upcoming July 27-28 program; call us at (604) 734-7125 for more information!