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In Marsha’s Words

Inspire Health Event Calendar March 17, 2014


When we asked Marsha Wilson of Kamloops
a few questions about her experience with our
LIFE Webinar Series we were sure pleased
to hear her responses!  


  1. Overall, how would you rate your experience with the LIFE Webinar Series?
    I would rate my experience with the webinar series as excellent. It was the perfect place to start my journey into making changes to my lifestyle as a result of a cancer diagnosis.

  2. What part was the most helpful to you?

    All 4 sessions were helpful.

  3. How has your physical location factored into your cancer experience? What sort of support or resources did you (or didn’t you) have access to living in a smaller community?
    I think it is far more challenging in some ways when you live in a smaller community. The resources are not as accessible and the support structures are not as solidly developed as a larger centre. Kelowna is over 2 hours away so it is not feasible to access supports there for the folks who live in Kamloops. 

  4. What was your experience with the LIFE Webinar series that influenced your approach or attitude to your healing journey?

    The experience of hearing the staff share their expertise made me realize that there are resources available to assist with navigating the new world of living with cancer. The need to be able to have some control and do what you can to cope is very powerful for the healing journey and this is what my experience with Inspire Health gave me. I know I have a long way to go and a lot to learn but it is OK. I will work on myself slowly and as patiently as I can. It gave me hope that I can still have quality of life.

  5. How are you feeling now, going forward with your newfound knowledge? How did the LIFE Webinar Series make a difference in your life? 

    I now feel as if I have a toe-hold into coping with living with cancer and actually thriving. I know I have choices to make and more information to understand and I now know where to get it from and within a supportive environment. I know there is a lot more to learn and this is why I have signed up as an online member. Having access to expertise and resources will help me make informed decisions and empower me to feel in control as much as I can be.  And, feeling in control (as much as possible) is good for the soul!! 

  6. How else have you been inspired on this healing journey?

    Well, being diagnosed with cancer is a life changing experience for sure. At first I did not like the journey being referred to as a battle, but now that I have experienced chemotherapy twice, radiation and major surgery I have to agree that it is a battle. The things that we all take for granted when we are in good health are now so significant to me in terms of bringing joy to my soul. I have learned some life lessons such as live in the moment, cherish the past, don’t wish for the future to come too fast. Also, be patient and kind with yourself, particularly in the healing process as our bodies go through tremendous stress while in active treatment and beyond. I appreciate my family and friends so much more and it has changed who I am, for the better I think.

    If Marsha’s enthusiasm has peaked your interest, check out our next
    LIFE Webinar Series starting on March 25. Available across Canada to anyone.