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Inspired Voices: Jean Johnson from Vancouver Island

Inspire Health Event Calendar September 12, 2014

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and InspireHealth would like to share a story about one of our patients who has improved her quality of life and outlook since her cancer diagnosis. Jean Johnson is from Vancouver Island. Jean was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer two years ago and has been a member with InspireHealth since 2013. Jean offered us some information about how InspireHealth support services and advice helped to change her life.

How did you first hear about InspireHealth?

Jean Johnson: I first heard about InspireHealth from Tracy Kolwich, Regional Manager BC/Yukon, Ovarian Cancer Canada at a meeting I attended at the BC Cancer Agency.

How did InspireHealth help to make a difference in your life?

Jean: When I went to InspireHealth for an interview, 2 books were recommended: Life Over Cancer by Dr. Keith Block and AntiCancer: A New Way of Life by Dr. David Servan-Schreiber. I read these books and based by life on the recommendations. I was already following a good diet and exercise plan, but these books helped me refine those actives and add new ones.

(At InspireHealth) I had an Exercise Consultation that helped me overcome my fears of exercising after my de-bulking operation. I also had a Nutritional Consultation that was extremely educational and got me to focus on a largely organic, vegetarian diet (from scratch) and a much more nutritionally complex diet. Lastly, I had a Life Plan Consultation that helped me set priorities for the rest of my life.

I continue all of these activities and ways of being to this day, even though my cancer is becoming active again. I am generally cheerful, hopeful, and engaged due to this way of life.

Did you family benefit from what you experienced with InspireHealth?

Jean: Yes, my family benefitted hugely. My whole extended family was interested in what I was eating and what supplements I was taking. They started investigating this “anti-cancer” diet and following some aspects of it. As well, because of my mental and emotional attitude, my connection with my whole family has become closer and more intimate.

Are you more engaged in your health now, and how do you participate in the cancer awareness community?

Jean: When you have a disease like Ovarian Cancer that has metastasized, a person is always engaged in thinking of ways to improve one’s life. I have added activities like meditation, breathing, yoga and mindfulness which I try to practice many times during each day. I am DEFINITELY more engaged in trying to keep healthy and healing now.

I participate in the cancer awareness community by going to an Ovarian Cancer Group, engaging in a Cancer Chat Room, doing the OC Walk of Hope, and being available to women who want to talk to me about my experience or their worries.

To learn more about InspireHealth services, if you have been diagnosed with cancer, you can book your own free 30 mins. personal medical consultation, or attend our fireside chat to ask questions and learn about us in an informal group setting. Call to register: 604-734-7125 (Vancouver); 250-595-7125 (Victoria); 250-861-7125 (Kelowna).