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InspireHealth member story: Margaret Cowan

Inspire Health Event Calendar June 8, 2015


“I took InspireHealth’s LIFE Program shortly after I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2013 and just before my operation, so it was very timely. The seminars were packed with excellent information on stress & inflammation, emotions, diet, sleep etc., and got me started on my journey of reading much more about how to heal myself as a complement to the chemotherapy–putting what I learned into action.
I also learned about and a fitness seminars geared to cancer recovery. Now my Tyze websites are instrumental to me in creating strong social support among my friends far and near. I went to the (InspireHealth) fitness centre, got assessed by a trainer from the LIFE Program and was put on an exercise program so I could work gradually back to where I was before the operation. I’d been going to the gym 3X a week since 2006. I followed this “back up to speed” exercise program that worked very well for me.”

-Margaret Cowan, InspireHealth member


Margaret is also an active public speaker and here is a video of a talk she gave that discusses how connecting with people socially when you’re sick can make the difference between sickness or health and in some cases, life or death.