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Are you ready to Fall for exercise again?

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Posted on October 30th, 2015

Each change in season presents a new set of obstacles and challenges to overcome in order to keep on track with our exercise goals. Fall is no different! It can be difficult to embrace the shorter crisp days of autumn and say goodbye to our bright warm summer months but, have no fear! With fall brings a new season of different activities and weather to take advantage of. Fall is a wonderful season that gets us ready for the fast approaching holiday festivities and can also be one of the best times to establish a new routine.

Here are some tips and tricks to keeping going:

Get Outside:

-Fall is one of the most beautiful and colorful seasons in B.C. Re-discover your neighborhood amongst the bright reds, yellows, and oranges
-Take advantage of trails and parks. Here is B.C. we are lucky enough to have well maintained and groomed walks and hikes
-Fall has some of the best temperatures to exercise; not too hot, but not too cold!

Dress for the Occasion:

-Wear layers! Multiple light layers can make adjusting your temperature easy.
-It’s time to whip out those gloves, toques, and scarfs exercising outside doesn’t mean you have to be cold.
-Bring a hot beverage such as green or black tea, take those anti-oxidants to go!

Be Safe:

-Don’t forget that with fall we have shorter days that come with longer and darker nights so wear light colored clothing or clothing with reflectors on it and bring a flash light if you are walking at night.

Be Creative:

-Lots of activities are only available to us in the fall: apple or pumpkin picking, corn mazes, leaf jumping so take advantage of them!
Many of the activities can be great for family and friends too and can make exercising easier and more enjoyable.

Turn those Autumn Chores into a Workout:

With this new change of season comes lots of outdoor house work…leaves! Raking leaves, cleaning the gutters, and trimming trees are all physically demanding chores that can easily count towards your weekly exercise goals.

Recruit a Workout Buddy:

Having a partner to work out with can help keep both of you on track and accountable. They can also provide support and encouragement when you need it most. A partner can also expose you to different activities you may not have thought to try before
It makes working out social!