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Nutrition Workshop: Balancing Blood Sugars


In this workshop we will explore what blood sugar is and how different kinds of foods affect our blood sugar levels.   We will explore how to find balance with our […]

Beginner’s Strength & Stretch


Adapted for beginner’s, this class serves as an introduction to strength training by leading participants through a series of low impact, full body exercises while participants are encouraged to work […]

Gratitude Meditation


Designed to promote wellness through gratitude, this class provides participants an opportunity to breathe together and take a moment of pause to be thankful. Gratitude habits can be difficult to […]

Qigong for Sleep & Relaxation


Prepare the body for sleep through gentle movement and relaxation, this class uses Qigong, a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine to promote holistic wellness at all the levels of mind, body, and spirit. Modifiable for all levels.