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Carla’s Story of Community

“I am a breast cancer survivor and a long-term beneficiary of InspireHealth. I became a devoted client and supporter during my treatment a few years ago. Since that time, I have remained active in attending their yoga and exercise classes as well as individual counselling and other valuable classes in centre.

Of course, the classes and all in-person contact ended when the coronavirus arrived. And along with all the other challenges this put before us, my loss of contact and camaraderie with my InspireHealth community was hard to deal with.

Amazingly, though, when the ‘door’ was shut, a ‘window’ quickly opened — and that window was wide and welcoming. I could continue with my health and fitness goals by signing on to the online classes, quickly organized by the InspireHealth professionals. Better yet, I was joining a far larger community with people from across the province, most of whom could not attend the centre as I once could.

I love the ‘can-do’ attitude at InspireHealth and the way they continue to support me and all the others who are now part of our large wellness community. Whatever the future looks like once this pandemic is over, I know InspireHealth will be there, stronger than ever, to keep all of us healthy and connected.

These days, my health is good. I try to keep active and balanced as well as find new ways to stay engaged during this challenging time. I think my experience with cancer, and the support and encouragement I received from friends, family, community, and InspireHealth, have given me a new perspective on life. My favourite way of looking at it is that I am now in the “bonus round”, so I try to enjoy all life has to offer, day by day”.