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A Letter from Reta: How InspireHealth Supported My Recovery

Inspire Health Event Calendar August 5, 2022

Dear friends of InspireHealth,

My cancer recovery was the hardest thing I have ever faced. After having my esophagus removed in May 2020, I was in pain, had no energy, and my weight fell to 92 pounds! I had been suffering for a full year and as my weight plummeted, I was in fear of dying. It was a very difficult time; with COVID-19, finding help in any form seemed impossible. Then, one day a friend told me about InspireHealth. I reached out, and within the hour, I had connected with the team and was “in”.

I quickly met with InspireHealth’s exercise and nutrition team. They recommended classes to take, and we set up regular individual appointments. We had goals in place — it was amazing! They worked with me on a personalized, effective recovery plan to regain strength and weight. The InspireHealth team rallied around me, showing their loving support and guidance, helping me in so many ways.

I also discovered meditation through InspireHealth and was shocked at how much of an influence it has had on my daily life. Focusing on gratitude, deep breathing, relaxation, imagery, and learning to pay attention to the mental and physical feelings within my body have all been amazing learnings, and I use them in my day-to-day life. It has provided me with peace of mind, increased my confidence, and made me feel so much better about myself.

Last but not least, after attending one of InspireHealth’s Inspired Conversations a few months back, I found the topic hitting me hard. I was very emotional and reached out to one of the presenters, saying I needed help. That same day I was linked up with a counsellor, who helped me through this crisis. Since then, we have met regularly, and she has provided an environment where I feel safe to talk about anything and everything. She has been so helpful in helping me sort through the complexities of life after cancer, and I could not be more grateful.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about InspireHealth. They are a team of dedicated, compassionate, caring, and supportive individuals who work together to provide a well-rounded care program for each individual.

They have helped me so much, and I am truly grateful. This is why I have recently donated to InspireHealth — to support this charity to provide these critical programs to patients like me. I hope you will consider joining me with a gift towards supportive cancer care.



InspireHealth Patient & Supporter

Please join me in supporting InspireHealth!