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Lorraine’s InspireHealth Story

Inspire Health Event Calendar December 2, 2023

My sister, Lorraine, was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2015. She was diligent about getting her yearly mammograms, but because she had dense breasts, her cancer was not detected early. The diagnosis was devastating for both Lorraine and our family.  

Lorraine was very strong, brave, and determined. She researched, asked questions, and advocated for herself. Quality of life was very important to her and she always encouraged everyone to fight for the best care possible. It was because of this belief that she turned to InspireHealth for support. Through the various free programs and services she accessed, InspireHealth gave her an opportunity to surround herself with people that understood and supported her with what she was going through.   

She was always a very active person, so the in-person and online exercise programs InspireHealth offers gave her an opportunity to continue being active when she wasn’t able to do the other activities she loved or when she was not feeling up to going out.  She also received support through InspireHealth’s nutrition and mindfulness programs. 

Lorraine’s cancer was kept at bay for many years until, unfortunately, it came back much more aggressively in 2022. During this time, she once again leaned on InspireHealth for the support she so valued. Sadly, she passed away one year ago today, on December 3rd, 2022.   

InspireHealth was an incredibly important part of Lorraine’s life. When someone has a terminal illness like my sister, they often need extra support that their family can’t always provide. Our family supported Lorraine by helping her  manage daily life, getting her to appointments, and by lifting her spirits through family gatherings. But the team at InspireHealth was able to give her hope and keep her going, even during the tough days. Through their many programs they were there to support her body, mind and spirit. 

Lorraine was vibrant and full of life.  She had the fortitude to carry on.  She was courageous, honest, and kind spirited.  

December was Lorraine’s favourite month. She loved celebrating her birthday, Christmas, and snow. She loved being on top of Whistler on a perfect, clear day and seeing the whole view and skiing down a good, smooth trail. It was freedom. 

It is only fitting that we remember Lorraine this December by honouring her and all the other courageous patients fighting cancer. My brother Cory and I, along with our families, are honoured to match all donations made to InspireHealth this December, up to $25,000, in Lorraine’s memory. Lorraine believed that all patients deserve to live their best life possible and that’s what InspireHealth helped her to do. 

Chrisanne Pennimpede