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Helen's InspireHealth Story

Inspire Health Event Calendar March 15, 2024

No one wants or expects to get a cancer diagnosis. And when this happens, we all react with a range of emotions: be it fear, sadness, denial… In my case, I was so convinced that the mass in my pelvis was NOT cancer that I told my employer I’d only be away for about 2 weeks (for the purposes of surgery and recovery!)  

Over the next 10 months, I underwent surgery, 2 kinds of chemo, radiation, seemingly endless pokes, scans and tests.  I lost about 30 pounds, all my hair, my energy and my will to live. Prior to cancer, I had lived a busy and varied life with multiple roles, including – but not restricted to wife, mother, friend, working professional… At the end of those 10 months, I was a “cancer survivor”; and it felt like nothing remained of the life I used to know. I felt so alone.

After being diagnosed with Lymphoma in 2019, Helen  underwent extensive treatment, including surgery, radiation, and two rounds of chemotherapy. Prior to cancer, she lived a busy life as a working professional, wife, and mother. After undergoing treatment, she felt alone, as though nothing remained of the life she used to know.  

InspireHealth became her first and important important step to her “return” from cancer. Our clinical team helped her create physical rehabilitation plan, along with nutrition and mental health support.  

Getting involved with Inspire Health was the first — and most important — step I took in my “return” from cancer.  After contacting Inspire Health, I was immediately phone by a counselor. We chatted extensively and then she drafted a plan, first for my physical rehabilitation. This was followed by nutritional recommendations, workshops on mental and emotional health … and more. The facilitators and therapists at Inspire Health are caring individuals who tailor their services to each patient’s individual needs. I no longer felt so alone. 3 ½ years later I am still enjoying the support of the Inspire Health team! 

Cancer is the #1 leading cause of death in Canada, with 2 in 5 people developing it in their lifetime. This means that almost everyone will be affected by cancer at some time whether they are diagnosed or know someone who has been. Thank you for being here today to support – and celebrate — the wonderful work of Inspire Health. Please give generously.
— Helen R, InspireHealth Patient