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Konrad’s InspireHealth Story

Inspire Health Event Calendar May 28, 2024

In February 2020, Linda’s beloved husband Konrad was diagnosed with Stage Four Esophageal cancer. After the disease rapidly spread throughout his body, he was given less than six months to live.

As the pandemic took hold, Konrad benefited greatly from InspireHealth’s online programming, which quickly became an essential component of his daily routine, offering not just convenience, but a lifeline of support.“With my whole heart and soul, I believe it was because of InspireHealth that Konrad lived 14 more months. We got to know the others in the virtual classes and share their successes and pains. We felt very much part of a group, of a family. Those were happy days for us”, Linda recalls.Every morning, Konrad participated in exercise classes and yoga classes, followed by meditation as a source of daily renewal. He also joined the men’s group; where he found it helpful to share his experiences with other men affected by cancer.

Whenever possible, Linda joined him to share activities which brought them closer and gave him the strength to continue his fight. The InspireHealth community, dedicated instructors, and accessibility of classes provided physical, emotional, and spiritual relief for them both.

“The instructors were incredibly wonderful, and the classes geared to his ability. I honestly do not know what we would have done without them!”, says Linda.

Linda estimates that the services her and Konrad accessed through InspireHealth would have cost them well over $10,000 in any traditional for-profit setting.

Inspired by Konrad’s journey, and recognizing the value of InspireHealth’s services, Linda has chosen to give back to InspireHealth by generously matching donations this Spring in honour of Konrad. Her matching donation is a call to action for others affected by cancer to join her in supporting InspireHealth so we can continue offering our vital services to more patients across B.C. and beyond.

This Spring, thanks to generous donors like Linda, every donation made will be matched, up to $20,000. This is your chance to make twice the impact!