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Budgeting for Nutrition

Inspire Health Event Calendar January 16, 2023

With food costs on the rise, many of us may be wondering how to incorporate
nutrient-dense foods without breaking the bank.
Read on for some of our dietitian-approved tips for savingmoney at the grocery store!

1. Make your freezer your friend – buy on sale and save
Many foods from fresh produce to soups, breads, meat, seafood and even
coffee beans caneasily be frozen and stored for later.
Click here for more information on fridge and freezer storage safety tips.

2. Incorporate more plant-based proteins
If you include animal based proteins, they can be very expensive.
Whether by mixing animal proteins with lower cost, plant-based proteins
like tofu, lentils & beans, or adopting more fully plant-based meals,
you can see a dramatic reduction in your grocery costs.

3. Plan for leftovers 
Even if you don’t want to eat the same meal over and over, you can easily
re-purpose leftovers into a new meal! Leftover chicken or tofu? Use the extras
to make a delicious caesar or grain salad. Made an extra large pot of soup?
Divide into smaller containers and freeze for easy 1-2 portion meals.

4. Try organizing
If time allows, or a friend is asking how to help, try keeping a list of what
is inside your fridge and freezer, and ensure you can easily identify items
by using labels, dates and dedicated spaces for certain foods. This will
help avoid waste by ensuring you don’t forget about what’s hiding in the back.