Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Session


This session provides information and techniques for managing common concerns that may occur after treatment for breast cancer. Registration is closed.

Event Series Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation


Soothe the heart, body, mind, and spirit with this guided meditation class that incorporates various mindfulness techniques, such as intention setting, body scans, breath work, and thought watching practices combined with the sweetness of silence. Registration is closed.

Event Series Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga


Explore the connection between breath and movement while taking the time to relax and gently stretch the body. Registration is closed. 

Nutrition Workshop: Balancing Blood Sugars


​In this workshop we will explore what blood sugar actually is and how different kinds of foods affect our blood sugar levels. Registration is closed. 

Creating Through Cancer


​Research shows that creative practices support our well-being. In these monthly workshops, we will explore how creativity can acknowledge, revive, and inspire us. Registration is closed.