Anam Zaidi

Senior Manager of Supportive Cancer Care, Program Facilitator

Vancouver, Virtual

Anam Zaidi, with a master’s in applied psychology, brings over thirteen years of extensive experience in the realms of mental health tech, behavior science, and social-emotional learning. 

Anam was drawn to InspireHealth for its proactive approach to patient care which personalizes the well-being of patients to align with their individual needs, underscoring the organization’s commitment to professional and patient-centric practices. 

She has previously worked for organizations in e-learning and mental health tech, where she played a pivotal role in advancing the behavior science lens, placing workplace well-being solutions at the forefront. Anam’s work has been featured in The Huffington Post , the Greater Good Science Center UC Berkeley and Shark Tank India 

Driven by a passion for strength-based education, she has self-constructed two literacy labs called Dream Labs in the heart of the slums of Lucknow, India. In her spare time, Anam oversees the distribution of novel footwear the “Shoe That Grows,” to children in the underserved communities and lends mentorship to Nai Asha (New Hope), a safe home for survivors of human trafficking.