Kelsie Tougas

Care Coordinator

Victoria, Virtual

Kelsie joined the InspireHealth team in January 2022. With a background working in the Film, Television and Travel industries, Kelsie worked as an accommodations coordinator and supervisor, respectively. In 2001, Kelsie opened Victoria’s first drop-in yoga studio, and in 2011 she took on another entrepreneurial adventure opening her own retail store, Rainbird Boutique.

Kelsie was first introduced to InspireHealth in 2016 after receiving her own cancer diagnosis. Our supportive cancer care programs provided a missing piece of cancer care for her, such as stress reduction, nutrition, and counselling services.  This experience has provided Kelsie with a deep understanding, compassion and empathy for people navigating their own cancer diagnosis, treatments, and life after cancer. She is honored and grateful to be a part of the InspireHealth team.

In her free time, Kelsie enjoys working on her jewelry line that she created when she was newly diagnosed with cancer, as well as long beach walks and being outside as much as possible with her husband and son.