Simrin Kalkat

Care Coordinator

Vancouver, Virtual

As an administrative professional at InspireHealth, you will find Simrin assisting patients with their appointments. Having been immersed in the healthcare world from a young age, with experiences ranging from hospital visits with family members to being a full-time caregiver for a loved one, Simrin has developed a profound understanding of the importance of empathy in her role as a care coordinator. She strives to make patients feel taken care of during their visit 

Simrin graduated from Vancouver Community College in 2020. Prior to joining InspireHealth, she worked as a client care coordinator at Classic LifeCare, where her passion for the healthcare community took root.  

Outside of her professional commitments, you’ll likely find Simrin at a coffee shop, indulging in her true love for caffeine. She values her time spent with friends and family, cherishing the creation of new memories every day. With an active lifestyle that includes adventurous activities like ziplining in a snowstorm and white-water rafting in the summer, Simrin is always ready for the next exciting escapade.